The course homepage was the starting point for the Spark interface. Our development goals for Spark were to start with the smallest piece possible, and expand upon it over time. Safelight Security already had a large library of courses that including assessments and chapter navigation, so the course homepage was a natural place to start. One of the most common pieces of feedback we received about the existing courses was that users were unsure of what to do after completing a course. So for this interface, I wanted to make sure it was clear to the user when they accomplished a task, and where they stood in the grand scheme of things.

The video player shows an example of how Safelight's existing courses would fit in the interface. Chapters can be selected from the dropdown ribbon on the upper right, and transcripts are available to users who prefer to read the course text.

One of the major pain points of Safelight's clients was the lack of participation among employees. To help combat this, we experimented with a number of ideas to spur competition. This included a leaderboard that awarded points to the staff that complete courses first, and had the highest assessment scores. Another concept is awarding 'achievements' based on customizable criteria.

From this menu, program managers would select which chapters of the course would be seen by the different staff groups. For example, customer service staff might see a broad overview of the concepts being taught, while IT staff would be required to view a more in-depth lesson. Other chapters could be hidden altogether if they are not relevant to your organization. Similarly, assessments can be given customized question pools.